Hard Drive Destruction Service

You may be tempted to just throw out old hard drives, erase them, or worse, stockpile them in storage. But if confidential data gets into the wrong hands it can lead to lost customers and loss of revenue. If you’re not using a secure destruction method, your business is at risk.


Your old technology could make or break your business.

If your hard drive disposal process includes erasing, reformatting, wiping or degaussing old hard drives, you and your customers are still vulnerable.

In fact, as long as the drives are physically intact, all private information can be retrieved. 

Chain of Custody

Our better-than-industry standards start with our secure chain of custody protocols. We invest in the latest technologies to ensure end-to-end tracking of your hard drives:


Barcode scan at checkpoints

Locked trucks for safe transport

Secure, monitored facilities


Data Destruction

Our extensive data removal process guarantees your data cannot be recovered.


The DoD 5220.22-M data sanitization

Drive fully encrypted

Drive physically destroyed


Following every hard drive destruction service, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your material has been securely destroyed. We also supply video proof and logs.


Certificate of Destruction

Extreme amount of details

Itemized Logs with timestamps


Why Choose 212 Tech

As many as 53% of businesses don’t use a professional service to destroy old hard drives, USBs or other hardware that contain confidential information. Only physical destruction ensures the data on an old hard drive is 100% destroyed. We offer a multi step process guaranteeing no data can be recovered.

DOD Wipe

Once the HDD is at our location we begin with a DoD 5220.22-M data sanitization.

Pass 1: Writes a zero and verifies the write.

Pass 2: Writes a one and verifies the write.

Pass 3: Writes a random character and verifies the write.

After this is complete we encrypt the HDD and erase the encryption key. Making the drives storage inaccessible.

HDD Crushed

After all the data has been overwritten, erased, and encrypted we begin destroying the HDD.

We record the time, date, and video record the HDD being physically destroyed with 1000 pounds of pressure. Leaving the drive irreparable and any data impossible to recover.

Verification Sent

After completely removing all data and destroying the HDD we compile our logs. Starting with checkpoint scans, secure holding, data sanitization, HDD destruction, and video evidence we compile a verification form so you have peace of mind.

The verification form is emailed to you along with a link showing the HDD being physically destroyed.

Contact us at 785-292-9102 or Support@212tech.net

Data Holding Available


We do offer 30 day data secure holding if requested. Your HDD's are encrypted, put in a secure facility, and locked away in a safe. This is done per request in case you later find out that your documents, pictures, or files are missing on your new computer.

Why wait? All for your business needs.