Recycling Done Responsibly

Our Mission is an E-waste recycling company in Shawnee County with a mission to provide Eco friendly computer recycling solutions to Kansas.  By scheduling for a FREE PICKUP of your e-waste with us, uniquely works at your convenience, cutting associated transport expense, while saving you quality time. Continuous technological innovation in the 21st century has led to a high level of electronic obsolescence. When computers are out of use are not recycled properly, they pose as a danger to the landfill in which they are abandoned. Proper Electronic recycling is the key to maintaining a sustainable and healthy Eco system. 

Our team of highly qualified professionals are equipped with the know-how and equipment to effectively help you recycle your computer and other electronic gadgets at NO COST. We are a socially responsible business, which do not carry out the socially irresponsible practice of shipping off computers meant for recycling to third world countries. All computers picked up by us or brought to us are properly recycled in accordance with local, state and federal law. Worried about your data??? Worry not. We completely clean up or properly dispose of hard disk drives to prevent sensitive information from falling in to the house of people with malicious intent. 



We are committed to protecting our environment through the provision of responsible Eco-friendly recycling solutions.



Our team works 7 days a week, giving you the liberty to schedule a free pickup of your computer at your convenience.



Schedule a free pickup now and get the best technical support on computer recycling in Kansas at no cost.

The Environment

We owe it as a responsibility to the next generation, to leave them a better world. We aim at achieving this at through one properly recycled computer at a time. By salvaging these computers, we give them new purpose, effectively stopping the inefficiency associated with dumping a computer into a bin. Computers have a wide array of hazardous components which include barium, mercury and lithium. These components when dumped at landfills causes a wealth of health and environmental problems, including air and water pollution and birth defects. With E-waste constituting over 40% of all waste deposits in America, there is already a thriving problem which we need to get ahead of.

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The best time to recycle a computer in Kansas was yesterday, the next best time is NOW. Everyday a spoiled or obsolete computer is allowed to spend in a human environment, it poses a huge risk to the human occupants of that environment. It is as though you were keeping your very own small landfill right in your house. Imagine the risks being posed by a landfill half a mile from your neighborhood and compare that to having one at home. You could potentially be poisoning your entire home slowly, incurring huge medical bills without being the wiser.

Let us help you clear your attic and basement of those computers and electronics you have no use for. Together, let us create a new purpose for your obsolete computers and E-wastes. SCHEDULE A FREE PICKUP NOW!!!

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